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  • Email cleanup

  • Mail list unsubscribe

  • Tag creation

  • Filter organization

All of them in a single
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Dozens of users already truest our product.
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We will help you in managing your Gmail inbox effectively

No hidden costs, no monthly fees, no long term commitments.

  • Consultation

  • Inbox Clean Up

  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists

  • Creation of Labels

  • Creation of Filters

Our Results in Numbers


We fix your Gmail inbox in just 2 days.85% of our consultations are done in 1 single business day.

2 days

-3200 emails


On average, we delete more than 3200 emails from our clients inbox.We deleted up to 15671 emails from one of our clients.


Email subscriptions are the main cause of Gmail bloat. On average, we delete 23 subscriptions.We unsubscribe one of our client from 67 mailing lists.

-23 subs

7 labels


Labels help in finding email fast and organize your whole inbox.On average, we create 7 extra labels for our client to help them track their emails.


Filters are the best way to keep your inbox in good shape.On average we create around 12 filters for our clients.

12 filters

They say about us

No more clutter

I finally look forward to opening my Inbox. I am not stressed anymore by the number of email I need to read.I used to be scared to log in my emails, having more than 10000 unread emails made me feel uneasy and stressed.What if I miss something important? Are my colleagues relying on me, but I am not reading their email?After a deep clean up, my email is back to be my friend and ally, instead of an enemy.

Roxana Riko. Human Resources, Fortune 100

Roman Kachizi. Operations. Fortune 100.

It feels like I receive less emails.

I was surprised how much better it feels to works after removing all the subscriptions and using Gmail filters the right way.It just feels like I receive less emails, everything is well organized and in place, the work is smoother and simpler. Overall I am more productive and faster to answer my emails.

Fast turnaround

I was surprised how fast they went through my whole Gmail Inbox. It took them less than a day to quickly filter most emails and subscriptions.I was worried that I might not be able to use my Gmail during the process, but it was actually no problem at all.After one day all the extra emails where ready to be deleted and I got a list of mailing list that they suggested me to unsubscribe from.

Joanna Merios. Sales, Fortune 500.


We will tidy up your gmail inbox

We will remove old emails, forgotten accounts, pointless notifications.You will get back to InboxZero.


We will unsubscribe you to most of the junk

We will remove all the junk emails that you receive and not read.We will keep the one that you read and organize them.


We will organize your inbox in the way it works for you

We will create the labels that works for you.So that you can always find what you need.

Do it once, enjoy a fresh start

Organize and tidy up your Gmail once.It will be much simpler to keep your inbox clean and organized than to clean it up and organize it.This is why we are here to help!We clean it up for you, and you just need to maintain it!

How it works

First we will have a 30 mins call. You will explain how you use your Gmail inbox, how you organize it, what you need from it, etc...
No worries, we have a script for it. It won't be awkward. We don't judge.

Then we will get to work.We will NOT delete anything without your permissions, and you will be always in control.

You will receive a report about what action you should take, you can review it, and confirm it.We will finally execute it report, deleting old emails and unsubscribing you from mailing lists.

Trusted by users and companies alike

Dozens of users already trust our AI product.We are now offering a more human solution for your emails.

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One simple price


One simple one time payment

No recurring payments, no subscriptions.

  • 30¬†mins consultation

  • Removal of old emails

  • Unsubscribe to mail list

  • Creation of the correct labels

  • Assign correct labels to each email

Risk free

After our call, if you wish to move forward, we will send you the payment form.

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